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of the state where tampa and orlando are and the miami metro area. .. we see college graduate group that obama lost by about 11 points in 2008. facing the most polls he's physically about even. i think that makes it very difficult for romney to put together a coalition that can take the state. colorado has been fairly close so again obama mabey looks like a fairy or four-point lead on average read a lot of demographic change. you can see the minority eligible voters have gone up by three percentage points and working-class voters in 2008 have gone down by three percentage points. again it doesn't appear that romney is able to turn the demographics tie in his favor. he's not doing much better among the white working-class voters according to the polls i've seen. he's made some progress on the outside margin that obama got 14 points in 2008 among the college graduate voters but he's not making nearly enough voters to take the state and if you break it down geographically the denver metro area is about half the vote in the state but that looks very similar in the polling data as it did in 2008. f
have a better chance because i'm just like, obama come into the presidential race. he was really unknown and give people a chance. but it holds and got a lot. not on his mistakes but the mistakes ryan mcginniss grew. thanks so much. >> host: jen on the republican's line. >> caller: it's funny what the independent just said about brian being in government accounts at, that you know the vice president biden was in government since he was 29. we paid his bills. anyway, but i just want to kill you, i think it's neat right is doing this. these are the people that are going to be stuck with the debt, the debt we are putting out there. and for ben bernanke got to get in a political deal like this, 40 billion a month and the aegon is so crappy and jobs, hello, mr. president, what if you don't? talk about values. when paul ryan boasting about mitt romney needs to speak more about himself, mitt romney doesn't do that because he is humble. in his church, which is my church, it doesn't matter if you're a schoolteacher, bishop our mitt romney with his money, you're treated the same way and yo
of nowhere. this really does go back to the very beginning of the obama administration, the very first television interview. don't forget that president obama gave after he was sworn in which was the arabic cable tv network al arabiya where he promised he would provide middle east peace in our time. than president obama when on went on his first foreign-policy trip to cairo and he spurred our longtime ally egyptian president mubarak by inviting the very violent muslim brotherhood, who at that time was outlawed in egypt, to attend his speech and gave him front row tickets to his speech in cairo. mubarak's policy was to keep the destructive muslim brotherhood at arm's length. when you hear the muslim brotherhood's mission statement i think you will understand why former president mubarak or anyone could one want to stop the violent muslim brotherhood or that the brotherhood is a political entity and this is their motto. it reads and i quote, allah is our objective. the profit is their leader. the koran is our law. jihad is our way. dying in the way of allah is our highest hope. recently
two vastly different presidents, george w. bush, and barack obama when it comes to this conflict. the most important continuity. both have said we are at war. both have side we are at war with al-qaeda and its affiliates. i was watching president obama's inauguration, and carefully looking for signals with regard to this very fundmental thing, and he actually said we are a nation at war. that was somewhat satisfying for someone from my background and point of view. it's not definitive. nobody argued we're at war in iraq or afghanistan. i wanted evidence he believed that we were at war with the groups that attacked us on september 11th. .. he would use law enforcement authorities but he would not limit himself just to law enforcement authorities. he would actually use his authority sounds commander-in-chief to wage war against a foreign enemy. i'm sure you all remember in 2009 after just a few weeks in office president obama was awarded the nobel peace prize. by and large i thought it was awarded because he wasn't president bush and the europeans wanted to confirm that fact. [laug
its hispanic population thrives as well. those why president obama and democrats in congress have fought for the policies that are making hispanic families stronger and more prosperous. we've made progress on economic and education issues that are important to latinos and to all americans. the recovery act, which included tax cuts for working families, kept more than 2 million hispanics out of poverty. unlike governor romney, we know americans who access unemployment benefits are not victims and are not unwilling to take personal responsibility for their lives. "personal responsibility" are mitt romney's words. mitt romney believes tax credits for hardworking parents struggling to make ends pleat a handout, not a hand-up. we democrats fa fought to give small business help. under a romney administration, loans for small business would be a thing of the past, one more remnant of the dependency culture he loathes. mitt romney is content telling wealthy donors he would be willing this election if he were latino. that's what he said, mr. president. but we know mitt rom neese problem is
as a basis for peace in our world. >> next wednesday, october 3rd, mitt romney and president obama meet in their first presidential debate moderated by jim lehrer of the "newshour" from the university of denver. watch and engage with c-span including our live debate preview at 7 p.m. eastern, the debate at 9, and of after the debate your reaction, calls, e-mails and tweets. follow us on c-span, c-span radio and online at >> next, three former obama administration pentagon officials defend the president's foreign policy and national security record while criticizing mitt romney. moderated by former cnn, cnn contributor bill schneider, the discussion focuses largely on iran's nuclear program and america's presence in afghanistan. this event, which took place yesterday, runs about an hour, and we'll show you as of this as we can until the pentagon briefing scheduled at 2 p.m. eastern. >> struggling in, and you're encouraged to help yourself to coffee, food, whatever you need. my name's mike bennett, on behalf of my colleagues, jim kessler -- who's here somewhere -- sean gibbons
. president obama seems to have pulled ahead by about five points in the latest polls. some of that has helped seemingly to change the trajectory of the race. earlier this month governor tommy thompson, the republican seemed to have the momentum and at this point his democratic rival, representative tammy baldwin, seems to be within the margin of error or a little ahead. >> host: why is that? >> guest: my best guest is that the baldwin surge, if you want to call it that correspond with president obama getting some distance from governor romney. . . she is one of several members of congress trying to run statewide, so she's going to try to define herself in a positive way and he is going to define her negatively. >> that debate will be live from wisconsin. we will broadcast from c-span 9 p.m.. tommy thompson and tammy baldwin in their debate. >>> september 11th is a day that changed my life forever and going to go through a power point presentation that is going to outline the accounts of the attack and the things that transpired that day. it gets pretty intense. a lot of things happen very qui
in that liberty and nobody tells me how to live my life including barack obama. [cheering] connect to god be the glory. you see i was introduced something called unconditional love. in my world, we don't know what unconditional love is. everything is conditional. today you are my friends. i have the full right to kill you tomorrow. we could go to the battle to malveaux but if you cross to the other side i have the right to kill you. here it says if somebody hits you on one side go on the other. i'm not doing that. what's wrong with your people? it's called a fist it's the power of forgiveness. your relationship how you have a relationship with god we don't have a relationship. you're god speaks to you day and night and comes before you and makes every crooked way straight and he has a protection and around you and nothing shall harm you because all i am god almighty. [applause] one day they bought me a new car and said go home you're feeling better. i said can i stay a couple more months? i'm not feeling well. [laughter] face that you can go home. i became the baby sitter for them. yes. w
in tolerance, freedom of speech, and democracy. i'd like to commend president obama and secretary clinton for their immediate response to this situation. their words of encouragement and wish godspeed to the marine corps fleet antiterrorism security team now en route to libya. the diplomats who were killed in this tragic and brutal action embodied american values, and the highest traditions not only of the professionals among our career diplomats but all who serve and sacrifice for this country in uniform, in very similar situations of danger. the marines who guard our ambassadors as well as -- embassies, as well as the other marines and troops who are fighting on foreign soil to uphold our freedoms. those american values in some sense bring me also to the floor today to talk about the dream act. and the young generation of people in our communities in connecticut and across the country who would benefit from this important legislation. our immigration system right now is broken, and is in dire need of comprehensive reform. any comprehensive immigration reform legislation must include the
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9